Pre Nail Advice

  • Please ensure any regular nail polish has been removed from finger or toe nails before your treatment.
  • If you need help deciding what  Nail Shape or length to have, we can help.
  • Maybe you are concerned about a Nail Condition you have, again, we can help.

Post Nail Advice

  • Gel Polish or Acrylic or Polygel is suggested to last up to 2 weeks or 3 weeks depending on brand and clients lifestyle and health. Some people have the good fortune of getting 3-5+ weeks! This is not encouraged and is not the case for everyone and is actually rare. Weaker nails can get a good 7-9 days, still better than traditional polish. Peeling the product off lessens the wear time. Peeling takes off layers of your own nail, thus thinning the nail and making it weak. (We know when it's been peeled or forcibly removed). 
  • While wearing polish (regular or gel) your nail plate is not getting any oil naturally, and the more brittle the nail the quicker the polish breaks down. Just like dry hair, it needs conditioning. Therefore it is very important to apply a good quality Cuticle & Nail oil that contains Jojoba so that your natural nails are conditioned whilst wearing Gel Polish. We recommend using at least twice a day, the more the better. Especially if your hands are in water a lot. We will know if your not using it enough.
  • Also if you're in water a lot the breakdown is much quicker. The nail plate is porous and it expands and contracts with water, this compromises the product and it will lift with moisture. Constant expanding and contracting will cause the polish to separate from the plate and water will get trapped, thus the entire application will lift off. 
  • We're writing this to remind everyone that no product is Bullet Proof, it's only as strong as your nails are healthy. We expect some chips after 2 weeks, that means you work, live life and use your hands, that's normal. Don't be hard on yourself either, it's just not built to last forever. 
  • Breaks are common when stress or trauma happens to the nail. Nobody is sitting still and a nail will not just break or pop off, something caused the trauma. Please ponder all these things and keep in mind that this is "strong nail polish" 
  • If you find that you need something stronger than Gel Polish, you’re welcome to get an overlay of Acrylic or Soft/Hard Gel in addition to you Gel Polish. This option will require Infills with your Gel Polish. 
  • Also for our clients who have 'weak, peeling or damaged nails',  We offer IBX Nail Strengthener & Repair or IBX Boost System as an Add-On service to your Gel Polish created by Famous Names. 
  • We also offer another Add-On product called Structure Gel or Rubber Base that adds strength and is soaked off with your Gel Polish.
  • If your nails are thin, damaged or peeling, the extended wear polish does not change that. It's simply polish laying on top of the nail  plate. It does NOT penetrate the nail. Therefore the longevity of the Gel Polish will depend on the condition of the Natural Nail. 
  • IBX does penetrate the nail plate and makes the nail stronger over time and causing the product to last longer. 
  • We have always offered the option of a nail repair. We don't offer any guarantee on gel polish and never have. We will repair a nail up to 48 hours after application as a courtesy, after that there is a charge for the repair.


Pre Advice

  • Please wash your hair with the Pre Shampoo provided just before your Treatment. (Please return bottle)
  • DO NOT use conditioner.
  • DO NOT use serum or other styling products. 
  • Hair can be dry or wet when you arrive for your Treatment.

Post Advice

  • You can wash your hair straight after the Treatment.
  • You can use your normal shampoo & conditioner.
  • DO NOT kink or bend your hair immediately after your Treatment and prior to washing
  • Styling products can be used as required